What some clients have said after recent training programmes:

“Excellent, thanks! Good pace and very engaging. Will definitely use these skills in my job. I recommend this course to all front line staff at council.” – Council Employee

“The trainer was fantastic. Very understanding and helpful. He was enthusiastic and informative and took the time to make sure everyone understood everything.” – Bank Employee

“Tony is brilliant, very effective and kept the session interesting. He made me want to know more. I really enjoyed today and have taken a lot from his advice, training and stories.” – Bank Employee

“Absolutely awesome. Wouldn’t change a thing” – Petrol Station Attendant

“Awesome. He kept me engaged, interested and keen to learn. Also made it fun and took the fear factor out of it.” – Credit Union Employee

“Very efficient. Gave a good clear understanding and examples of things. Everyone was included. He had a one on one approach with each of us which was cool.” – Supermarket Employee

“He is very knowledgeable in what he does and how to show others how to deal with these situations.” – Council Employee

“Fantastic and invaluable.” – Bank Employee