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A personal note:

With over ten years experience facilitating security based training and providing security consultancy for the corporate sector I am confident that well trained alert and vigilant staff are the best protection any organisation can have. This ensures a safe and secure workplace for all and compliance under Health and Safety legislation.

I am passionate about quality training. I offer programmes that guarantee a memorable learning experience for all those who attend. By using well-known adult education techniques I equip people with the right tools and empower them to prevent difficult situations or to deal with them should they arise.

If your staff members are at risk of assault, abuse, robbery, theft and conflict or you deal in high risk products such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol or cash then I would like to talk to you concerning your security requirements.


To find out more how TLC can assist your business or organisation please feel free to make contact.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Lewis
Director – Tony Lewis Consulting Ltd