Training and Consultancy

As part of the overall security service provision Tony Lewis Consulting Ltd also caters for the provision of training and consultancy not only for its contracted staff but also building owners, managers and body corporate members.

Tony Lewis Consulting Ltd is dedicated to up-skilling its staff through the provision of effective and relevant training at no additional cost to the end user. Being a dedicated security training and consultancy company it is anticipated that several training initiatives can be undertaken to maintain and improve the level and quality of service.

Tony Lewis Consulting Ltd is committed to the personal and professional development of its staff and offer and provides training in the following areas:

  • Personal Safety and Awareness
  • Conflict De-Escalation
  • Physical Escape Techniques (self defence to include control and restraint)
  • Armed Robbery Safety
  • Security Related Law (to include Trespass, Use of Force, Powers of Search, Powers of Arrest, Tenancy Law)
  • Disability Awareness
  • First Aid
  • NZQA Security Certificates through a recognised NZQA Private Training Establishment.

Additional Services (negotiated and costed as required)

In addition to security services, Tony Lewis Consulting Ltd also provides welfare checks on elderly or disabled tenants (tenants charged on a case by case basis) and the following training programmes for Building Managers/Owners (4.5 hours each):

– Safety Awareness
– Conflict De-Escalation
– Self Defence
– Armed Robbery Safety
– Disability Awareness

  • Safety Awareness

Enhance the safety and security of those working in areas where their personal safety could be at risk from other people.

  • Conflict De-escalation

Learn how to better deal with conflict situations and to achieve resolutions that are acceptable to all concerned parties.

  • Self Defence

Learn how to identify, avoid, disengage and escape from a physically threatening situation.

  • Armed Robbery Safety

Enhance the safety and security for those who may be subjected to an aggravated robbery.

  • Disability Awareness Seminar

For those who wish to learn how to enhance the experience of disabled customers through good service. Presented in conjunction with Philip Patston from Diversity NZ.

Other training

  • Theft Reduction

Learn how to identify and safely deal with theft within a retail environment.

  • Customer Experience Skills

Learn how to enhance the experience of your customers through good service.

Other services

  • Security Reviews

Gauge your existing security measures and recommending – via written report – practical, cost effective steps to enhance and improve existing arrangements.

  • Investigation Services

Professional investigation services in conjunction with a well-respected licensed Private Investigator.

  • Surveillance

Professional surveillance services in conjunction with a well-respected licensed Private Investigator.

  • Staff Vetting Services

A service offered to clients who require future or potential employees to be fully vetted prior to employment. The degree of vetting can be discussed and tailored for individual requirements.