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Security Contractor Wanted

Part Time/ Casual Security Contractor Wanted
Looking for a professional security contractor to assist
with the provision of apartment complex security in the
central Auckland area.
Must hold a current CoA, a full driver’s license and be
able to work nights.
The ideal candidate will have experience in the New Zealand
Security Industry, be well presented, be reliable and can relate
to a broad range of people. Good communication skills and the
ability to resolve conflict are attributes that would assist with the
role. The possibility of full time hours may be offered to the right

If interested please submit a cover letter and CV to:

Tony Lewis

You snooze you lose

Sign up now for the SIA sanctioned BTEC L3 in Close Protection plus BTEC L2 IHCD/FPOSi course leading towards Internationality recognized qualifications accredited by Pearson and recognized in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Scheduled to run in Auckland from 28 July to 10 August 2014.

Location: The Surrey Hotel 465 Great North Road Grey Lynn
Shared accommodation available at …£$59 incl. GST per night including breakfast

Course Content:
15 days of intensive insight to the high level strategic overview of the competencies requisite to fulfil the tasks required of a Bodyguard on the international stage.

Course fee includes all course material and certificates $ 4950

Free gift includes the acclaimed book CLOSE PROTECTION (a closer observation of the protection equation) by Richard Aitch and free membership to the Professional Bodyguard Association for the first year.

For further details or to register your interest please contact either of our local representatives:


AKTS NZ LTD – Karl Plas

On successful completion of the course the PBA will then sponsor your application for the coveted SIA license becoming increasingly important for those seeking to work outside of New Zealand and Australia.


Email PBA Professional Bodyguard Association;

+44(0)845.519.4580 TEL | +44(0)772.882.6999 MOB

PBA Course Dates set for Auckland NZ

If you are genuinely interested in entering into the international security arena as a professional Bodyguard this course is integral. The demand for professionally trained and licensed security operators is very high. Clients and companies are demanding nothing but the best.

Professional Bodyguard Association (SIA accredited) are coming to Auckland NZ to deliver their SIA approved training programme. Not only will the successful candidates who graduate from this programme achieve the BTEC L3 in Close Protection but also First Person on Scene (FPOS) L2 and will also qualify to apply for a SIA License which is well respected and required to operate internationally by several international security companies.

Make the most of this opportunity and make contact to learn more.

Professional Bodyguard Association

Posted form the CEO and President of the Professional Body Guards Association. For those wishing to enter into the international security arena it would be beneficial for you to complete this training.

Hi all

I have just posted this message on the Facebook for Professional Bodyguard Association

Subject to the trip being viable I will be visiting Auckland in New Zealand sometime in July/August this year to process applications for the coveted SIA license that is becoming increasing important for those seeking to work outside of New Zealand and Australia.

The Security Industry Authority has directed that SIA licenses can only be issued for those that meet the criteria and have completed an approved course of learning, ideally the BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection or the RPL version sanctioned by the NZSAS and approved by Major Prendegast – Officer Commanding – Special Operations Training Centre.

Those interested should contact me via email

How safe and sound are you?

First and foremost Happy New Year to you all. I trust this finds you all well and enjoying a well earned break if you are lucky enough to be on holiday.

The question I have asked is How safe and sound are you? The reason I have asked this is TLC along with DiversityNZ are considering providing a range of services catering for those who require assistance and support with daily living in their own home.

Firstly let me share a story with you.

Prior to Christmas I was engaged to provide personal protection for a client in their own home. The circumstances which led to this had been going for almost a year. The client is disabled and lives alone and has support persons coming into the home to assist as required. The client also runs a very successful business from their home.

12 months ago the house next door to my client was occupied by a male who had suffered a brain injury. Over the course of the 12 months the neighbour has tormented my client with threats of fire and death, has assaulted my clients gardener, has thrown water through open windows, has interfered with mobility equipment and even defacated on my clients driveway. As you would appreciate these behaviours would cause anyone concern…given the fact that my client is disabled…physically if anything was to happen my client could find themselves in an extremely dangerous situation.

The first thing to be done was get the Police involved. The local community constable was advised of events and was very proactive in the way that he dealt with the situation. A trespass notice was also served to the neighbour which resulted in the neighbour being arrested and charged with trespass after breaching the order.

My client also made the landlord aware of the situation and had numerous meetings, emails and phone contact with them to look at the options and possibly relocating the neighbour. This resulted in a formal tribunal and it was agreed that the neighbour will be moved.

The reason I was engaged to provide protection was the landlord met with the neighbour and advised that they were to be moved. It was uncertain how this news would be received. Given the previous behaviours from the neighbour there was a high possibility that some form of revenge attack could be staged prior to the neighbour moving. To cut a long story short protection was provided for a 48 hour period until the client went to stay with friends for Christmas, the neighbour was eventually moved out and my client now feels safe again in their own home.

The impact that this situation has had on my client is huge. They have been living in fear for the best part of 12 months…not feeling safe in their own home forever worried that the neighbour will try and harm them…if not something more sinister.

It was during this job that an idea formed concerning providing a range of services to others who require assistance in their day to day lives. They could be the elderly, solo mothers with children, the disability sector and anyone for that matter who perceives they are at risk in their own home.

The idea to provide various services led to the name of Safe and Sound. Please follow the link to view the possible services that could be offered. This concept is in it’s early stages and is purely a scoping document to gauge interest.

I am speaking more from a security point of view of which various services could be provided i.e; daily welfare checks, a 24 hour response service, personal protection if required, removal from the house if required to a fully accesible safe house utilising fully accessible transport, property checks etc etc…the list is endless. All staff providing the service will be fully licensed security professionals, all will be first aid qualified and all will be familiar and comfortable in dealing with a broad range of disabilities and impairments.

I suspect there are several people living in a situation that could possibly be unsafe for them. Please feel free to offer your thoughts and please please follow the link to register you interest if you wish.

Lets see where this can go.



Armed Gang subject victims to terror…

Armed Robbery…an extremely traumatic event. Recent events in South Auckland have highlighted that aggravated robbery is occuring out there and in this case indicates that once offenders become comfortable in what they are doing they will continue to do so until the law intervenes and they are apprehended.

This is of grave concern…the brazen activities of these offenders and the blatent disregard they have for their victims is a serious situation…it is my opinion that the actions of this gang will continue to escalate to the extent that someone will be seriously injured if not killed if they are not stopped as soon as possible.

Aggravated robbery can occur at any time and for any organisation but more for those that deal with cash, drugs, alcohol or any other attractive products. Traditionally we see that organisations that are open outside of normal hours or who may not have alot of staff onsite more often than not become targets…recent events have indicated that this gang are a bit different.

There are a few things that need to be considered to reduce the risk of this happening.

Five key times of the day or night and certain events during a traditional working day are by default the areas and events that expose you to risk.

1.Opening Time

2.Closing Time

3.Cash Handling

4.Work Environment

5.Staff Behaviours

If the five events and times as mentioned above are not well managed you are increasing the chances that you may become a victim.

Things to consider to reduce risk.

Opening Time

– Before approaching your building take the time to
stop and look for suspicious behaviours and events.
– Keep doors and windows closed until open for
– Look for anything unusual once inside.
– Look for signs of forced entry
– Try and unlock with more than one of you
– Make sure cameras are working properly

Closing Time

– Ensure all customers are out then lock the door
– Do not allow after hours customers
– Make sure alarms are set before leaving the site
– Try and leave with someone else
– Try and get your vehicle close to the exit
– Have keys ready
– Check your vehicle before getting in
– Arrange for staff escorts if there is a perceived risk
– Talk on a cell phone
– If you see anything suspicious do not leave
– If you are being followed do not go home

Cash Handling

– Keep large amounts of cash out of view
– Maintain regular drops into safes
– Do not exceed limits
– Stick to policy and procedure
– Do not leave cash lying around
– Secure safe keys
– Do not carry cash off site
– Remove cash using a recognised security provider
– Cash up behind a locked door, out of public view with
more than one of you.
– Do not advertise your profits – need to know basis

Work Environment

– Clean windows
– Open uncluttered environment
– See out See in mentality
– Access Control Systems
– Locks on back doors and windows
– Security signage on windows and doors
– Cameras
– Deter, Deny, Detect and Delay
– Repair broken windows
– Remove tagging quickly
– Weapons free zones
– Anti jump counters
– Alarms (intruder and duress)
– Good effective lighting
– Make your premise look like a hard target
– Vegetation around entries and exits
– Good control over customers

Staff Behaviours

– Identify all customers
– Provide good customer service
– Undertake training with TLC
– Staff vetting before employment
– Communicate with each other
– Adhere to policy and procedure
– Remain vigilant and alert
– Challenge suspicious behaviours
– Secure sensitive information
– Secure items of uniform and identification
– Be aware of what is said in social settings

A good guideline that I always try and apply no matter where I am is:

Caution is not Cowardice

We are all responsible for our own safety and security. Please everyone do as much as you can to ensure that you, your staff and your customers are as safe as they can be. It needs to be said though that 100% protection is impossible. If it is impossible it is not to say that it shouldnt be our goal…we are all responsible to try and achieve this as best as we can.

I am more than happy to discuss further with you if you wish as to what can possbily be done to try and prevent this from happening to you or in the event that it does happen what can be achieved through good effective training to enhance your safety and that of others during an aggaravated robbery.

Please feel free to make contact if you wish.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Its a rough world out there…….

Two stabbings in as many days in good old New Zealand. A timely reminder that it is a tough world out there. A sad indicator of what our society has become when our youngsters are being stabbed to death on a regular basis. I cant help but wonder if the victims of these attacks saw the warning signs and chose to ignore them or they were ignorant to them.

We only need to think why the Police have been issued with stab proof vests in recent years…clearly an indicator that things have changed…what is also disturbing is that the Police recovered a number of weapons from the scene of the recent stabbing in Pakuranga…clear evidence that our youth are carrying and obviously have the intent to use.

I really encourage that if you are confronted on the street that the safest option is to escape and get out of not under estimate what is out there and who is prepared to take a life to prove a point…be careful and stay safe. My sincere condolances to all families affected by this latest tragedy.