Robbery – a crime of control

It is of concern the number of aggravated robberies that have occured of late particularly in the Rodney District. Being based in Rodney it is certainly bringing it close to home that robbery is a crime that can occur anywhere, anytime and can happen to anybody.

As I write this blog I have just been advised that a client of mine has just suffered the same and a security guard I trained last year who happened to be working onsite at the time was dumped on the ground with a pistol pointed at him. Fortunately in this instance no one was hurt…possibly due to the training they have received in terms of how to deal with a robbery should it occur.

Events such as this highlight that robberies are extremly dangerous, traumatic and unpredictable events that without the right training can lead to situations where death or serious injury can and may occur.

In order to enhance your safety during a robbery it is important to understand the objectives that the offender(s) has…the first objective for them is they want control…in order for you to remain safe let them have control, the second objective is cash or product…what they are there for…let them have it…and the third and final objective for them is they want to escape…let them escape.

If the intent of the offender is just robbery, by facilitating these objectives for the offender you are greatly increasing your chances of remaining safe during an aggravated robbery.

How you achieve this is taught on the TLC Armed Robbery Safety programme. An enjoyble and interactive training programme that will teach you actions, skills and behaviours to enhance your safety and that of others during an aggravated robbery. We also explore how your body will respond and precautions you can put in place to reduce the risk of robbery occuring from the onset.

Please feel free to make contact to discuss further if you feel you may be at risk of an aggravated robbery occuring.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


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