Armed Gang subject victims to terror…

Armed Robbery…an extremely traumatic event. Recent events in South Auckland have highlighted that aggravated robbery is occuring out there and in this case indicates that once offenders become comfortable in what they are doing they will continue to do so until the law intervenes and they are apprehended.

This is of grave concern…the brazen activities of these offenders and the blatent disregard they have for their victims is a serious situation…it is my opinion that the actions of this gang will continue to escalate to the extent that someone will be seriously injured if not killed if they are not stopped as soon as possible.

Aggravated robbery can occur at any time and for any organisation but more for those that deal with cash, drugs, alcohol or any other attractive products. Traditionally we see that organisations that are open outside of normal hours or who may not have alot of staff onsite more often than not become targets…recent events have indicated that this gang are a bit different.

There are a few things that need to be considered to reduce the risk of this happening.

Five key times of the day or night and certain events during a traditional working day are by default the areas and events that expose you to risk.

1.Opening Time

2.Closing Time

3.Cash Handling

4.Work Environment

5.Staff Behaviours

If the five events and times as mentioned above are not well managed you are increasing the chances that you may become a victim.

Things to consider to reduce risk.

Opening Time

– Before approaching your building take the time to
stop and look for suspicious behaviours and events.
– Keep doors and windows closed until open for
– Look for anything unusual once inside.
– Look for signs of forced entry
– Try and unlock with more than one of you
– Make sure cameras are working properly

Closing Time

– Ensure all customers are out then lock the door
– Do not allow after hours customers
– Make sure alarms are set before leaving the site
– Try and leave with someone else
– Try and get your vehicle close to the exit
– Have keys ready
– Check your vehicle before getting in
– Arrange for staff escorts if there is a perceived risk
– Talk on a cell phone
– If you see anything suspicious do not leave
– If you are being followed do not go home

Cash Handling

– Keep large amounts of cash out of view
– Maintain regular drops into safes
– Do not exceed limits
– Stick to policy and procedure
– Do not leave cash lying around
– Secure safe keys
– Do not carry cash off site
– Remove cash using a recognised security provider
– Cash up behind a locked door, out of public view with
more than one of you.
– Do not advertise your profits – need to know basis

Work Environment

– Clean windows
– Open uncluttered environment
– See out See in mentality
– Access Control Systems
– Locks on back doors and windows
– Security signage on windows and doors
– Cameras
– Deter, Deny, Detect and Delay
– Repair broken windows
– Remove tagging quickly
– Weapons free zones
– Anti jump counters
– Alarms (intruder and duress)
– Good effective lighting
– Make your premise look like a hard target
– Vegetation around entries and exits
– Good control over customers

Staff Behaviours

– Identify all customers
– Provide good customer service
– Undertake training with TLC
– Staff vetting before employment
– Communicate with each other
– Adhere to policy and procedure
– Remain vigilant and alert
– Challenge suspicious behaviours
– Secure sensitive information
– Secure items of uniform and identification
– Be aware of what is said in social settings

A good guideline that I always try and apply no matter where I am is:

Caution is not Cowardice

We are all responsible for our own safety and security. Please everyone do as much as you can to ensure that you, your staff and your customers are as safe as they can be. It needs to be said though that 100% protection is impossible. If it is impossible it is not to say that it shouldnt be our goal…we are all responsible to try and achieve this as best as we can.

I am more than happy to discuss further with you if you wish as to what can possbily be done to try and prevent this from happening to you or in the event that it does happen what can be achieved through good effective training to enhance your safety and that of others during an aggaravated robbery.

Please feel free to make contact if you wish.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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    No problems…pleased you got a lunch out of it…I would be happy to assist your colleague for any future research they me be doing. Thanks for your comments.
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