Hibiscus Coast crime fighting initiative

Tony Lewis Consulting Ltd is pleased to advise that they will host a display at the forthcoming information days to be held in Orewa Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August 20ll. Please follow the link for details. Hope to see you there

4 thoughts on “Hibiscus Coast crime fighting initiative

  1. armorbear1

    i think the security can reduce the crime in the city…one should take a good security measure to avoid incidents.Thank you for sharing the post.

  2. tlcnz Post author

    Hi Thanks for your comments regarding my post. I agree that alot of issues could be avoided by implementing basic security procedures and being more aware. Your comments are appreciated and welcome.



    1. tlcnz Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that 4.5 hours of stand alone training does not do the subject of self defence full justice and to become proficient and confident in defending yourself takes a lot of continuation training…however what it does do is raise awareness for the learner, provides them with an understanding of the warning signs that a physical attack is possible, gives them an understanding of the legalities around self defence, the use of force and assault and some very effective but basic techniques focusing on stopping an attack to facilitate escape. It is not about learning to fight the fight…it is about getting out of it.

      In addition this seminar is best suited as a follow on from the Safety Awareness and Conflict De-Escalation programmes. I would like to think if a person is truly thinking about their personal safety then hopefully they will never find themselves in a situation where the only option is physical.

      Thanks again.

      Kind Regards



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